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2019-2020 VTAJ Committees

(President and President-elect are members of all standing committees)

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is authorized to meet and take action between board
meetings when it is impractical to get the full board together for a special board meeting.
The Executive Committee can also serve as an advisor to the Executive Director
and a liaison between the ED and the full board.

   Carey Rose (President)
   James Levins (President-elect)
   Michele Patton (Immediate Past President)
   Kelly Massicotte (Treasurer)
   Andrew Delaney ( Secretary)
   Adam Powers (Parliamentarian)
   Christopher Maley (At Large)
   Emily Joselson (At Large)
   Amy Caldwell (Ex-officio)

Budget Committee
 The Budget Committee oversees the preparation of the annual budget 
and the performance of the organization in meeting its budgeted revenues and expenses. 
Budget Committee receives regular reports on the organization’s performance
in meeting its budget and presents that information to the full board.

   Kelly Massicotte, Chair
   Executive Committee

Membership Committee
 The membership Committee oversees membership development 
(maintaining and growing), establishing criteria for membership,
redentialing members, and overseeing elections.

   Amy Caldwell
   Jim Mackall
   David Mickenberg
   Larry Slason

Nominating Committee
   Executive Committee

CLE Committee
The CLE committee creates and promotes high quality, reasonably priced legal education

   James Levins, Chair
   Executive Committee
   Adam Powers
   Craig Jarvis
   David Pollock
   Andy Delaney
   Michele Patton
   Bill Leckerling

Legislative Committee 

The legislative committee tracks and analyzes legislation
and creates communications development regarding important legislation.

Chris Maley, Chair
   Richard Rubin
   David Mickenberg
       Emily Joselson

Public Service Committee
The Public Service Committee focuses on civic-oriented projects
and is responsible for the substantive content for the Public Service section of the website.

   Mike Sabbeth, Chair
   Andrew Delaney
   Beth Dannon
   Todd Schlossberg
   Ron Fox
   Ted Kramer
   Karl Anderson


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