Posted by: Amy Caldwell on Aug 27, 2020


Dear AAJ Member,


Protecting the Vote

AAJ’s non-partisan Voter Protection Action Committee (VPAC) is ramping up! Hundreds in the trial lawyer community helped protect the vote in 29 states in the 2018 election cycle. We have already seen possible threats to voting access in this cycle. We must step up now and protect the rights of citizens to have their voices heard.

Please visit AAJ’s VPAC page for more information or to sign up.

Pro-Civil-Justice Candidates

Political support and funding is crucial going into November, and AAJ will not be letting up in these efforts. The AAJ Political Action Committee (AAJ PAC) has two virtual phone drives this fall: Wednesday, September 23, and Thursday, October 15, each from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Eastern. If interested in helping, please email brittany.wakefield@justice.org at least a week prior to each drive.

AAJ PAC supports pro-civil-justice candidates, regardless of party.

Jury Trials

Civil jury trials are slowly resuming in parts of the country. AAJ is monitoring how courts and lawyers are proceeding with virtual and in-person jury trials and developing resources to share with you. The following projects are dedicated to this work:

  • A presidential task force on civil jury trials in the era of COVID-19 led by past AAJ President Ken Suggs
  • A Robert L. Habush Endowment-funded COVID-19 jury research project led by AAJ members Greg Cusimano and David Wenner; stay tuned for an education webinar on preliminary findings from the COVID-19 Jury Project research.
  • A sampling of the orders and articles that we are tracking

Upcoming CLE Highlights

AAJ has increased the variety and number of its education programs to accommodate remote learning. More than a dozen of the programs since mid-March have been complimentary.

In addition to our next complimentary webinar, AAJ will present a communications and neuropersuasion webinar Monday, and a longer webcast on essential trial techniques in early September.

Medical Records: Help for AAJ Members

After the Ciox Health decision, in response to member requests, AAJ now has a sample letter to send to a company in response to fees charged for medical records. Drafted by AAJ member Matt Wessler, the letter focuses on the restrictions imposed by HHS's new information blocking rule. The letter is designed to push back against medical providers illegally attempting to charge more than the patient rate for electronic requests for patient health information.

AAJ has also developed a Litigation Packet, Affordable Access to Electronic Medical Records, which includes sample materials to help AAJ members effectively request and obtain EMRs. The promo code EMR20 can be used for 50% off this Litigation Packet.

Being a member of AAJ is more important than ever, and I thank you for your membership. Together, we fight the good fight to ensure that accountability matters now, and always.

Be well and stay safe.


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