Article I

Name and Objectives.  The name of this Association shall be the Vermont Association for Justice (hereafter "Association").  This is a nonprofit educational Association whose objectives shall be to uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Vermont; to promote and advance the administration of justice for the public good and trial by jury; to train in all fields and phases of advocacy; to advance the cause of those who are injured in person or property and who must seek redress therefore; and to resist the undue and constant efforts of others to curtail the rights of such injured persons.

                              Article II


A.  Regular Members. Any lawyer licensed to practice before the Vermont Supreme Court, being of good moral character, engaged in any field or phase of advocacy and committed to the concept of fair trial, the advocacy system and a just result for the injured, the accused and those whose rights are jeopardized, is eligible for membership in the VTAJ. Provided, however, that no person shall be eligible for membership or continue membership who regularly or consistently represents the defense in personal injury or workers compensation matters, or who is affiliated with a firm which regularly or consistently represents the defense in such matters. “Regularly or consistently” means in excess of 10% of an individual or firm’s personal injury or workers compensation representation, measured by any one or more of the following factors: percentage of gross receipts, time spent, number of matters, or number of clients represented during the past calendar year.

Regular members in good standing shall have the right to vote and hold office.

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