Circle of Advocates members recognize that the battle
to protect their clients’ rights doesn’t end at the courthouse door.

They know that without a strong voice in the legislature,
the courthouse doors will close to the
 injured Vermonters who need justice most.

They understand that each year
 VTAJ fights against the relentless attacks of the “tort reformers”
while protecting and advancing their clients’ rights.


• The Circle of Advocates’ monthly contributions allow VTAJ to continue the fight to preserve the civil justice system and the rights of all Vermonters. In addition, contributions allow VTAJ to provide a broad range of services and benefits while maintaining an affordable dues structure for all members.

• The continued growth and influence enjoyed by VTAJ since its inception over 30 years ago will not be possible without the financial commitment made by members who join the Circle of Advocates.

To learn more, or to join, contact Amy Caldwell.

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