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Does your business provide products, consulting, or other services to trial attorneys and legal professionals? We offer options that provide you with excellent, cost-effective opportunities to reach attorneys practicing throughout Vermont.

For more information, contact Amy Caldwell.

VTAJ Annual Convention
We host an annual meeting and convention each year— Our Annual Convention and Seminar is in June.  Our convention is open to the full Vermont Bar and provides you with an exceptional opportunity to market your products and services to our membership through sponsorship, tabling and event support.

Convention Sponsorships
Gold - $1,000

  • Free exhibit table/link from video 
  • Listing as a gold sponsor in all event marketing materials
  • Color signage with logo at event 
  • Event section sponsorship and mention from podium or at video breaks

Silver - $750

  • Free exhibit space
  • Listing as a silver sponsor in event marketing materials
  • Color signage with logo at event

Bronze - $500

  • free shared table space
  • Listing as a bronze sponsor in event marketing materials
  • Signage with company name at event

All sponsors also receive:

  • Listing in convention materials
  • Ad in convention materials
  • List of seminar registrants

Additional VTAJ CLE Event Marketing  Opportunities
Exhibitor Tables - $400

Exhibiting at VTAJ's CLEs  allows you to market your products and services and network with attorneys and paralegals.  All exhibitors are listed in event marketing materials, receive an ad in the CLE materials and a list of registrants.  Internet and electricity are provided free of charge.

Breakfast or Coffee Breaks - $750
Receive a special listing in event marketing materials, sign with company logo during the break, an ad in the CLE materials and a list of registrants.

Online Advertising
Advertisement on VTAJ Website - $2,000 (please call for placement options)



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